I have over 630 books downloaded onto my tablet. I need to read what I already have instead of buying new books. I signed up for the reading challenge on “goodreads” to read 36 books this year. That’s less than a book a week. Reading will be the easy part…tracking them on the website is usually the hard part for me to remember.

I have 3 days off from work, next week. So I will be spending it with my nose in a book..well in my case my nose will be stuck in a Kindle book.

Some people like real books, where you get to turn the paper pages. But I wouldn’t be able to keep 630.+ books with me while traveling around and living in small shared dorm rooms. If I needed space for hundreds/thousands of books then my roommate might declare me a hoarder. So I am thankful to whoever invented e-books.

The book called “Crank” is something new, that I got from my youngest daughter. My daughter had posted a picture on facebook that had a stack of books by the same author, so in order to figure out what my kid was into..I went to Google and Amazon. ) I had never heard of the author or seen any of her books before. If I like it, then I will probably get the other 2 books in that series.

If you’re reading this, do you have a favorite author? I go through phases where I will grab anything from certain authors. I can remember a few years back that I couldn’t get enough of Patricia Cornwell books. At that time, I would get all her books from thrift stores. So yes they could fill up a box that I finally had to give away during one of my moves across the country.