For some reason the company I work for, has planned for a power outage for tonight starting at 10pm. It is supposed to last until 6am tomorrow morning. 8 whole hours without power to charge my tablets. My car battery died so I can’t charge them in my car either. Hopefully my neighbors can sleep without their fans (a/c) on.

We even closed the store an hour early, so we would not have to close up the registers without power. We have had unexpected power outages during daytime business hours, and they are a pain-in-the-@ss to deal with.

Right now as I type this, I am sitting outside looking at the moon, listening to the porters and security people ride around on golf carts checking on everyone. Seeing as they knew I was awake, they gave me a glow stick. They are probably wondering why I am sitting outside in the dark using an electronic device. Other then that it’s pretty darn quiet here, even though I saw some people up at the firepit area. At least tonight they are being super quiet. The “firepit” is just where employees like to go hang out to drink alcohol and listen to music. I have never gone up there, so I don’t really know what the thrill is about it. To chilly to go wandering around to see if any of our guests are outside. Going back into my room to try and sleep. Took a sleeping pill (Tylenol PM) so hopefully I don’t wake up until after the power is back on.

I have Saturday off, so I will finish typing this then…maybe I will even find out why we even needed to have this power outage.



Well I got up about 6:30am, and the power was back on. Made a cup of coffee that was to hot to drink. I ended up falling back to sleep before I even got to drink it. I never did get a satisfying answer to why the power had to go off last night..something about upgrading stuff. Oh well, it’s over now.

The rest of my day off has been boring. I skipped breakfast and lunch, and dinner was country fried steak (yuck!) Not sure why it’s called steak because it’s more like minced up meat glued back together and then gets batter all around it. My coworker says to pretend it’s hamburger meat, but even a burger looks better than the meat in most of the country fried steaks that I have ever seen. We had mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese and cooked carrots also. Oh boy, a meal of unwanted carbs and Yuck.

Tonight’s sunset didn’t last very long. I guess Mother Nature ran out of power also. Well my roommate is gone for her weekend and I wasted my day off doing nothing productive..I don’t consider sleeping more or checking social media sites as being productive.

Actually I have to figure out why WordPress, wants to charge me $26/year for blogging. It’s supposed to be a free site…years ago there was some explanations on how a paid website was better than a free one. I forget what the reasoning was, but I signed up and now get charged every year. It’s a waste of money, because I don’t do anything different now than I did before with this site. I haven’t figured out how to switch back to the free status on WordPress. But if I don’t pay by mid- February then I am just unable to blog here at all. I have an old blog on blogger and hubpages…and they are free to post on, so maybe if I get to bored then I will go check those out.