In religion, paradise is a place of exceptional happiness and delight.[1]Paradisiacal notions are often laden with pastoral imagery, and may be cosmogonical or eschatological or both, often compared to the miseries of human civilization: in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. Paradise is a place of contentment, a land of luxury and fulfillment. Paradise is often described as a “higher place”, the holiest place, in contrast to this world, or underworlds such as Hell.


Have you ever lived in a location that made you blissfully happy and peacefully content? What would it take for a place to give you that “warm fuzzy” feeling?

Do you think that you could achieve it in a desert called Death Valley? It’s been said by many different people that Death Valley is the “Land of Extremes” and can seem like you’re on another planet. Usually in the Summer, guests will ask how us employees can live with the heat. Well I don’t have to shovel rain and sunshine. So I don’t spend lots of time outside in the Summer..thank God for air conditioning!

I don’t have to deal with crazy city traffic or pay for gas to get to work. In fact I have no excuse to be late for work because it takes about 4 minutes to walk from my dorm to work. Of course, in the Summer when it reaches up to 130 degrees, it’s 4 minutes to long.

Now when I first arrived to this desert in September 2015, to work in Furnace Creek ( now called the OASIS) I kept wondering what in the hell had I gotten myself into. After leaving Pahrump, I went through miles and miles of dry desert and couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to live here. Well I stayed about 7 months.

I think I surprised a few people when I returned to this park. I have now been here for another 7 months. Only this time I am 30 minutes away from Furnace Creek. Working for a different company at STOVEPIPE WELLS.

When people realize that I have worked at both locations, they will ask my opinion and/or compare them. Well if you have ever read a children’s book about “The City Mouse & The Country Mouse”, that is both locations. I consider STOVEPIPE WELLS to be the country mouse: Simple, plain, rustic, casual, laid back, low-key, homey, stress-free and some might say down-right boring. While Furnace Creek looks amazing, especially with all their new renovations. They took away the “old West” look and have turned it into some fancy place that looks outta place, in this desert.. totally unreal. Like most fancy places, people act like they need to keep a certain image to go along with their high & mighty resort. Overbearing egos were a problem before with some management when I worked there, I couldn’t imagine dealing with all the fake people now. So which is better? Well that depends if you require loud crowded cities or can entertain yourself in the big open space of the country. As for me, I can tolerate both city and country living for a time…but it’s a much shorter time in any city. (Even though I have lived in the Tampa area and Las Vegas for about 7 months each in the past). I find country-living more relaxing. Country (and stovepipe wells) is a place that I don’t feel suffocated, a place where I am comfortable and can be free.

So while I promise to whine about the heat this Summer, I told my boss that I would stay for the Summer, as long as I got time off at the end of May so I can attend a graduation. My boss gave me the request form last week to make sure there was enough time to get it all approved by the HR office.

It was kind of funny, soon after Furnace Creek finished all their new renovations, my present managers went to check out the competition. I don’t know if he was joking or not but my assistant manager said that I was on a “Do not hire” list at Furnace Creek. I laughed at him and said that was fine because they were on my “Do Not Apply” list. Here at STOVEPIPE WELLS, I have people bending over backwards trying to make sure that I don’t leave.

Now don’t misunderstand and get-me-wrong, even though a couple friends on Facebook call this my paradise and my new “home”, it isn’t perfect. I am tired of most meals in our employee dining room and I really wish that I didn’t have to share a dorm room. In order for this paradise to feel like I was in some perfect, seventh heaven, then those two things would drastically need to change. Obviously I can tolerate them the way it is.. BUT.

Excuse me while I take my coffee outside and greet my neighbors as they go down to breakfast and watch the clouds over the mountain.

Some random pics showing some color when I sat out on my patio before.