Supposedly a furry groundhog in PA, is gives better predictions then a weatherman on television. If that really was the case then why do we need calendars with the first day of Spring written on them? Well the little creature did not see his shadow so Spring is supposedly on its way now.

Actually it’s a tradition that started in the late 1880’ we have been crazy enough to believe in this rodents predictions for a long time. I would much rather read Farmer’s Almanac or catch some weather station online.

As these pictures show, we had a marathon in the park…in the rain. I took the pics through a window. Running in the park now sounds better then running in July when we have the big extra long “Badwater UltraMarathon”, that only seriously crazy people run in. That race is 135 miles. Todays race was just a normal 26.2 mile marathon. A guest came into my gift shop last night and gave me a brief history on marathons. It seems they started in Marathon Greece in 490b.c.

Today I went to Pahrump with 4 other people this morning and was able to get a few random pics of runners as we drove through the race area…between Furnace Creek Ranch and the Salt Creek Trail.

On the way back home this afternoon, I took some more random shots of the desert.

This last shot was just as we were close to home in #stovepipewells in #deathvalley. I saw a rainbow on the way home but , sorry but the rainbow pictures didn’t really show up with my tablet. The rainbow was near Golden Canyon. I think that is as close to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow as I will ever get.