My Roommate Might be a Shop-a-holic

Caila going through the many boxes of stuff she ordered from Wal-Mart and a couple other stores that she found online. She is now taken over more than half the room.

This was how she left her side of the room when she went to work. Tonight is her Friday, so she will be gone to Furnace Creek for her weekend. While I get stuck with her mess.

I had today off. I only went to the EDR for breakfast today. As I am typing this I am snacking on a small can of processed chicken salad with crackers that a friend gave me.

Good night: gotta get up early to do my laundry before I go into work tomorrow.

One comment

  1. Not for nothing… I think I would have stacked all those boxes on her bed! Because taking up more than your share of space? ITS JUST RUDE!!!

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