Roommate is sleeping so I brought my coffee outside this morning, just as the sun was coming up. It’s probably the first time this week, that the ravens were not scavenging around to see if anyone left food out so it’s a quiet morning.

I have the day off from work today. I had thought of walking down to our little ranger station to check it out. I haven’t been inside it yet. But I will do that another time. Today I need to do laundry and finish organizing stuff in my room. It seems like I always have to do laundry and organize something on my day off. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought 2 new drawer units to organize stuff into and hopefully control my clutter better.

Tonight I want to take myself out to dinner. I have had a few guests rave about the salmon dinner in our restaurant. I love salmon and have not tried it yet. I will make sure to charge my tablet and post pictures tomorrow along with my opinion of dinner.