This is how my dinner was presented to me when the waiter brought it to my table. Who stacks Salmon on top of the veggie and potatoes? Sorry but the lighting in the restaurant was not good for taken pictures.

The menu said the veggie was broccolini…I was expecting it to look a bit different. The salmon was good, but wasn’t thrilled with the veggie. Seeing as I have no top teeth, I couldn’t eat most of the veggies as those long green stems were hard. So because of the veggies, I won’t be ordering this dinner again. This dinner cost me $22. Good thing I don’t go to our restaurant very often.

A guy at the next table had the prickly pear bbq chicken and spare ribs…which is probably what I will get next time. His meal came with fries and beans. It must have been good because it didn’t take him long to eat it all up. Actually, I had the chicken and spare ribs on my first night here at STOVEPIPE WELLS (8 months ago) and it really was good…and that’s coming from someone who usually doesn’t eat bbq sauce. I don’t remember any vegetables on his plate. Well technically fries are potatoes, which is a starchy carb vegetable. Hmm, I know that my dad always had potatoes in a garden but sometimes I have trouble thinking of fries as a veggie.

I go back to work tonight, so if I eat dinner, I will have to eat in the EDR. I haven’t seen a menu for this week in the EDR so I have no idea what’s for dinner tonight.