This is the ranger station at Emigrant Campground..about 8 miles North of STOVEPIPE WELLS. It was chilly but so amazing to see snow this morning.

It sure doesn’t look like the hottest place in the USA now. But in about a month it will be to hot to stand outside very long. Before Spring is over I will be wishing for another day like today, I am sure.

I took the last picture during my dinner break. Looking towards the employee dorms. I live on the back side, facing that snow-topped mountain.

Sorry Heather, there wasn’t much of a sunrise today. The sun couldn’t break through all the clouds. I am gonna guess and say it’s about 45-50 degrees outside (according to my tablet..feels colder) now at 11pm. Time for me to go back inside and turn on my electric blanket.

Guests wondered why we didn’t sell scarves and gloves. Well this cold spell won’t stay long. Forecast is predicting temps in the 70’s for next week. Then guests will be asking for tank tops..and we don’t sell those either.