That was my roomie going through packages that she had gotten in the mail a 3-4 weeks ago. She moved her bed around a few times during the 4 months that we shared this small dorm room.

This was Caila tonight as she was trying to pack up all her stuff to leave. Her boyfriend about had a heart-attack when he came to pick her up in his small car. The poor guy didn’t realize how much stuff that she really had. He was always telling her that she needed to “down-size” and get a grip on her online shopping habit. Well tonight he saw how outta control her habit was, and after tonight I know longer have to worry about it.

I gotta give the kid credit. Most of the time, all her stuff was sorta organized. I just happened to get pics on 2 bad days. For a 21 year old kid, she wasn’t all bad. What 21 year old would really want to be roommates with a 55 year old grandma? But a reality check with some down-sizing would do her good.

Thankfully she left her mop, broom, laundry soap, huge package of toilet paper, and a box of food. She also left her television but she already had the remote packed away in a car. Not totally sure if I will keep the television or sell it.

So now I can re-arrange the room any way that I want before any new roomie moves in. Hopefully I will have the room to myself for a few weeks. Wow, I just realized that I might have a quiet solitude space all to myself for my birthday. OMG, best present ever.

Wish I had tomorrow off from work, so I could just re-arrange the room in a few different ways to see how I actually want to keep it set up. It’s almost 12:45am now. If I get 4-5 hours of sleep now, then I should still have time to do something with the room before work.