It’s getting close to the time when people are excited about their next “seasonal” job. It seems like half of our food and beverage staff will be gone by Mid-April. One server said that he will be going to a park in Washington, while another server leaves next weekend with no plans except to hang out at a beach on the ocean. A few employees will be transferring back to Acadia Park in Maine, working for the same company. One of the bartenders has a job lined up somewhere in Rhode Island and one of my favorite servers will also be leaving next weekend. She will go visit family for awhile before her next job in Denali, Alaska. One guy quit without any notice and moved up to Beatty,NV, this week. I think he might go visit family in Oklahoma later. I am sure that there are others leaving but I haven’t paid attention to where they are going.

Another bartender left yesterday but will be camping and exploring parts of this park for a week or two. Sometimes it’s tough to totally enjoy the location you’re in, if you have crazy work schedules. So he will go sightseeing to parts of this desert park that he didn’t get to see while he was working here. He isn’t sure where he will be working next.

That’s the joy of working in national parks. You can hop around to different locations whenever you want. If you want different scenery or to try a different job then apply to somewhere new and experience something that you have not done before. Of course living this way means that you might have a resume that’s a mile long.

As for me, I plan on staying at STOVEPIPE WELLS in Death Valley. I feel that I need to stay here for at least another 12 months. For my own reasons that I won’t get into today. I have to get serious about saving money, before I can move on to a new location.

So to..”hippiehillbilly” if you are reading this, I won’t be going back to the Grand Canyon this Summer. I will stay and melt under the desert sun right here in Death Valley National Park. For the first time in my life, I am actually getting a tan. I thought for sure that I would go to my grave looking like Casper the ghost.

In our retail dept, one lady will be leaving at the end of April or maybe the beginning of May. She starts a new job in King’s Canyon in May. We have a couple other retail ladies looking for jobs elsewhere too. So if anyone reading this wants a new retail job, then come work with me in Death Valley. Check out the link below.