Just a quick shout out to let everyone know that I am still here. I got moved into a new dorm building last month and plan on staying here in Stovepipe Wells for the rest of this year. I now have a community kitchen to use. 4 rooms connect to the kitchen. another lady has a microwave in there and she lets us all use it. Now I need to buy pans to use for the stove/oven.

These are just 2 random shots that I found online. I am typing this from my laptop and don’t have any of my own photos on it. So I went searching online for pics of the campground behind my store. When the ground gets to hot the campground will be closed to tent campers.

Scorpions and a sidewinder snake have been seen in the area already. I haven’t seen a snake since I got here and I don’t want to. When I went shopping with Marie this last weekend, we were on the lookout for roadrunners but didn’t find any.

I have had an annoying cough all week, but still working 6 nights a week lately in the store. I need to get back to reading my schoolwork…which is why I am using the laptop instead of my tablet today.