Last month I got to move into a different dorm building on my birthday. This building has community kitchens..4 dorms share a kitchen. So I consider the kitchen as my birthday present. Rent will be the same as I was paying before without a kitchen.. $250/ month. $250 includes free WiFi, utilities, cable, and now a kitchen.

Someone has to many plastic containers spread out on the counter. I have claimed the first closet just passed the door with the white towel hanging on it. That’s where I am storing my rice cooker/steamer, magic bullet, and my stock of coffee, herb teas, protein powders and a few other items. I will stock up on more necessities next weekend when I go shopping with Marie.

Maybe I will post about that shopping trip later. But I haven’t had a kitchen to use in almost a year. Even with a kitchen last year, I only used the microwave so now I need to get a pot and pan. I think last year’s kitchen was set up better or just more modern, but this one serves my needs for now.