Salad Bar in the EDR

Took those pictures sometime last week, in the EDR (employee dining room). Lately I have mostly been eating from the salad bar. I took this meal home and used my own dressing.

My favorite things to get from the salad bar is spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, black beans and I really wish that they would bring back the hard-boiled eggs. Rarely do I get the sliced banana-peppers but I got a few the day I took these pictures.

When I go shopping on Saturday I need to buy eggs so I can boil my own instead of complaining about not having any in the EDR. I will just add eggs to my never-ending shopping list. Then hope I remember to take the list with me when I go on my shopping trip.

I haven’t tried my chia seeds in my salad. Has anyone reading this used chia in a salad? Does anyone know if they mix well with salad dressing?

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