New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

I bought this gadget many months ago from Amazon, but have recently seen them in Walmart. When I bought it I was thinking that I could use it in the microwave at the EDR. No such luck because it states on the box not to use in a microwave. Well I have had a community kitchen for a month and today was the first time that I tried it out.


I used coconut oil to completely coat the insides of each holder before I put the egg in. It helps so the egg doesn’t stick to the inside of the rubbery plastic holder. Directions say that you can use a cooking spray, but I never buy that.

Ok, your eggs don’t come out completely “egg-shaped” but they are completely cooked, real easy to do..without having to peel any shell off a boiled egg and mess it up in the process. Besides I was making breakfast for myself not for a cooking contest on the food network channel. I will now be buying eggs more often.

This is without any doubt, my new favorite kitchen gadget.

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