Well here we are, near the end of another month. My friend, Marie, pulled her RV out yesterday morning. She is now at Kings Canyon. But first, we went to Pahrump one last time together on Saturday.

The “Bookworm Haven” had sent me an email, that a book we were looking for had come in. So while I got dropped off at Wal-Mart, Marie went to pick up the book. I also walked over to get a take-out lunch from Panda Express. That seems to be my “go-to” place for lunch on my trips into Pahrump. I love the mushroom chicken entree. I always wonder why my side order of rice is bigger then my entrees. It always looks like the rice is the main part of any meal there, while whatever chicken entree I get is smaller and looks like a side dish to garnish the rice. Maybe I should find Panda Express on Facebook and post a public question about this.

We are now really short-staffed at work (if anyone reading this needs a job, then let me know). I had to close the gift shop for an hour during dinner, and then closed an hour early at the end of the night so I could go help the manager close up the General Store. Even with being closed for those 2 hours our sales for the day was higher than the day before.

For a couple days this last week, we have had temps at about 100 degrees. Of course Marie had to brag that she woke up to 65 degrees in King’s Canyon this morning. But I got a rainbow and sprinkles of rain and some wind this morning. I have to go into work early today and will work from noon-10:30pm. I have gotten plenty of overtime this month, but will be glad when they can hire a few new employees.

Those 2 photos above was my view from work last night. We were slow enough in the gift shop that I could run out to the patio and grab a few random shots of the sunset.