May the Forth be with you….sorry I live in Death Valley National Park and in case you didn’t know, the original Star Wars movie was filmed 2 miles down the road from where I live.

This was my breakfast a couple days ago. It was the first time that I had used coconut water in my shake. It was a bit sweet, but good enough to use again if I ever run out of alternative milk. Someone on online didn’t think that this looked appetizing but that’s ok. I am used to people wrinkling up their nose and thinking my food is weird.

I also made this with strawberries this week instead of the banana but didn’t get a picture of that. I have ordered strawberry flavoured protein powder from Amazon and I should get it delivered tomorrow.

I have seen recipes online for different coffee shakes but haven’t tried making any…yet. This morning I skipped the shake and had a whole can of tuna and a whole avocado for breakfast. Yes just those 2 ingredients…simple, plain, easy, and natural. People get to caught up in the idea that they need to make fancy stuff with a bunch of ingredients.