Looking Forward to Vacation

I will be gone from Death Valley for a whole week. I leave next Friday. It will be a much-needed time away. Working 6 nights a week has finally paid off. Even with all my overtime, I think I only got the vacation because my grand-daughter is graduating high school. Then she will be off to college with a double major…for Nursing/Bio-medical science and Japanese. I am in awe of her ambition. Wow, you rock kid!

Anyways I have a whole week off, so I decided to go explore somewhere new. There are only 5 states that I have never seen and I’m going to check out Seattle. So I can finally knock Washington off that list. I will be traveling by myself in a city where I know nobody. Every time that I find out that one of my customers are from that area, I start asking them for information about what to see and do and where to eat. So stay tuned for pictures later this month.

After Seattle, I will fly back into Vegas. One of the cooks here at DEATH VALLEY recently spent a weekend in Vegas and posted fun pics from Circus Circus, so maybe I will go check that out.

But for now, I will leave you with a random picture that I took from outside of work about 3 weeks ago. It is now after 12:30am and I should go to sleep.


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