Now how many of you have a boss that will go shopping on his day off and bring you back something from the grocery store? Well right now I am in heaven because my boss brought me back 3 avocados. He knows that I love them and knows that I haven’t been able to get into town to buy any for a few weeks (since Marie moved away).

Yesterday’s lunch: real food, simple and satisfying..just a can of tuna and 1 whole avocado

I wasn’t starving but knew that I wanted to use one of.avocados that I got yesterday, so I took one of the to-go containers down to the EDR. I was glad to see such fresh-looking mushrooms today. The olives are something new that I have just recently been adding to my salads.

Anyways, I took the container home and added my own avocado and dressing. As you can see the dressing also has avocado. I will need to order more of that dressing after I return from my vacation.

I didn’t stick around the EDR, to wait and see what they were serving for lunch. I had my mind made up on what I was eating before I left my dorm room. I wasn’t going to be tempted with anything else, which is why I walked down at 10:30…knowing that lunch doesn’t start until 11:00

Now I have 1 avocado left for tomorrow.