Our driver had quit on Thursday, the day before my vacation was to start. I panicked for only about 5 minutes, because I just assumed that Thomas or someone else would be doing the laundry run into Vegas. Thomas ended up doing it. I took the above picture when he stopped at a gas station in Pahrump to get drinks and chips. Notice the gas price there.

It was a cloudy day in Vegas. Sprinkled rain about 5 minutes on the way into the City. Thomas had to pick up an international student worker from China at the Silverton Hotel, so that’s where I got out. Took this pic through a dirty windshield.

2 shots of the giant fish tank at the hotel. I think it was the first time that I hung around to watch so many divers go into the water and swim with the fish. Not sure why one picture came out so dark. Hopefully they put on another show when I return and have to catch Thomas to get home again on Friday the 31st.

I was charging my tablet near a Wendy’s restaurant, so when I got hungry I grabbed a “Southwest Salad with Avocado”. They just automatically give out 2 packages of dressing without asking how many you want. I didn’t even use 1 whole package.

I have a feeling that most people either eat more dressing then they need or they waste it by leaving half of it on the plate, because I think most people just tip a dressing bottle upside down until the top of their salad is covered. I would rather have a small pool of dressing on the side so I can just dip my fork in, or today I dipped some chicken pieces into the dressing.

This is my essentials for any plane trip: some trashy magazines, water and gum. The only time that I chew gum is when I am on a plane. Otherwise the air-pressure can hurt my ears. There was a fussy baby sitting behind me on the plane. I wondered if her ears hurt and I wanted to tell the parents to just give her a bottle. From what I was told years ago… A bottle works for babies the same way that gum works for me.