WOW, 2 blogs in one day. I was reminded this morning that not everyone knew what a “hostel” was. One of my bosses from work sent me Facebook messages after seeing my pictures of Seattle. Even though he is young enough to be one of my kids, he can sometimes act like a mother hen and just wanted to make sure that I was safe traveling alone. My boss had no idea what a hostel was. At first I was surprised, but soon realized that I shouldn’t be. Even though he is young, he likes his “creature-comforts” and will pay for expensive fancy hotels (expensive by my definition).

In hostels, you normally share a community bathroom and everyone shares a kitchen and lounge area. There is no television in this hostel. I assume most hostels don’t have them, or at least rare to find. But that’s why it’s cheaper to stay in ain’t paying for “creature-comforts”. You get to save money and use it to explore the city.This board changes everyday. In fact they also have a weekly schedule posted around. Saturday is “free beer” night. Monday (tonight) is movie night.My dorm room has 2 bunk beds, so 4 girls in one room. This is the first hostel I have stayed in that had a cubby-hole for each person to lock up their stuff while you’re out exploring. It’s also the first time that I have had the little curtains to block out light if you need to.

Today I have chatted with an older lady from Hawaii. Well I think she lived in Seattle many years ago. But she likes coming back to visit for a couple weeks every year. She enjoys all the festival events around the city. A new girl from Salt Lake City arrived today. A guy from New Zealand stopped in Seattle on his way to Vancouver Canada. There are some people from different locations in Europe.

Some of the workers here, get to live here for working 2 or 3 days a week. A couple have said they will stay a few months and then travel to another city and possibly work/stay in another hostel. I have a friend that told me today that if she could own/operate a hostel that she would run it like the Green Tortoise in Seattle.

I really like the location of the hostel in Seattle. I can see the Pike Place Market from a window in one of the common rooms, and a good coffee shop is right next door. With the windows open, you can even hear some entertainment outside.