I absolutely love this place!! The hostel I am staying in is just a short walk from here so I plan on going back there today.

The hostel has different tours / events every day. It has more activities then any other hostel that I have stayed in. Well actually I have only stayed in 2 different hostels in Anchorage Alaska and both hostels in Flagstaff Arizona and 1 hostel in Bozeman Montana. This hostel in Seattle might be my favorite.

You can see that huge Pike Place Market sign from one of the windows in a common room. So when riding buses around, I just tell drivers that I want to go there. Figured that if I got off a bus near there then I can find my way back to the hostel.

I had lunch at the cafe in the Chihuly Glass Garden. I tried a cup of their clam chowder which was probably the best I ever had…and I don’t usually like clam chowder. So I am not sure what possessed me to get it yesterday but so glad that I did. The blackened salmon sandwich with Garlic Tator Tots were also very good.

After walking through the park, taking a bunch of pictures, as I made my way to a bus stop to return to the hostel…I was so tired and sore. My legs still hurt when I went to bed. I definitely ain’t used to all this walking.