I’m not always the best person to figure out how to get around a new city. All the options can be confusing and I can usually end up frustrated and lost.

But after walking to the post office to mail a box of stuff home, I asked the lady working at the counter where the bus station was. She told me that the LINK transient center was a couple blocks away. If I ever get back to Seattle, I would ride this more often instead of the regular city buses. I enjoyed seeing the artwork on a lot of the buildings between Chinatown and the SODO stations but didn’t get a picture of any.

I got off at the stop for the airport, and instantly thought “Ok where in the heck is the airport?” But asking some random guy for directions I was able to find my way. I was pleasantly surprised by my experience on the LINK Rail. I wish that I had ridden around more this way during my time in Seattle, maybe I would not have gotten quite so tired from walking around getting lost.