If you’re ever hungry in Vegas, and wondering where to eat for breakfast, I am presently sitting in the Stratosphere eating at a wonderful breakfast brunch buffet.

When I first woke up this morning I had planned on going downstairs to the 24-hour McDonalds. To get to McDonalds, I would have to ride the elevator to the main casino floor and then would have to take one of the few elevators to the retail floor. But when I got to the casino, I went walking around instead and thats when I found this breakfast buffet. It cost me $18, which is more expensive than McDonalds, but sooo worth it. I never expected a salad bar, chicken or the regional cuisine area which is where I found the salmon. I never would have dreamed of salmon and chicken on a menu for breakfast.

I won’t have to leave my room again until this evening when it’s time to enjoy the MJLIVE show tonight. Good thing, because I think I just gained 5-10 pounds eating at the buffet and will be to full to walk around.