OMG…the thermometer above the door at the General Store said it reached 120° yesterday. It’s been reaching up over 100° for a week now.

Growing up in New Hampshire Summer time was lots of fun. But the 4 months of Summer in Death Valley can be Hell. The first time I arrived in this park to work at Furnace Creek in September 2015, and I thought it was to hot then. I stayed until May 2016. It was getting hot again by the time I left.

I returned to the park to work at the Stovepipe Wells location last June. So I have been here almost a year…obviously I survived last Summer.

I still don’t know how the early settlers from a hundred years ago survived without running water and air conditioning. I would have melted for sure. Today I will be working in the general store instead of the little gift shop. The store feels hotter than the gift shop, so I am bringing a portable fan into work with me.

One good thing happens here, is that I drink more water. While most of my coworkers drink Gatorade, energy drinks, soda or beer I mostly want water. Somedays I can’t seem to get enough water. Of course I will still have a cup of coffee in the morning and I’ll make a protein shake sometimes for lunch but for the rest of the day my thirst is satisfied with just plain water. I don’t understand people who say that they CAN’T drink water. I drink water the same way I drink anything else, so I don’t understand your problem. Saying you “CAN’T” drink something implies that there is a physical issue or maybe a medical condition like an allergy. Well I never heard of anyone being allergic to water. Noo the problem is that plain water doesn’t have flavor and a bunch of sugary chemicals added in. So it’s not that you CAN’T drink water it’s more like you WON’T drink it.

Medical science says our bodies are made up of 60%+ water. Well I can sweat most of that out during the summer. Even though I drink mostly water now I probably still don’t drink enough to replenish what I sweat out.

Thank you authoress51 for giving me the idea for today’s topic. 🙂