tracking sleep blog

The above link goes to a pretty good article that I found online. Basically it goes into how a Fitbit can know when you’re asleep and sorta compared it to a sleep study at a medical facility. I would rather go by results done in a medical sleep study..but who has the time and money for that?

So below is my first 2 nights with my new Fitbit. Neither one is accurate because I was awake checking the time, playing a game on my tablet or up shutting off an alarm in the room before Fitbit realized that I was awake.

This last one was the 3rd night with Fitbit, when I had a backache and took 2 sleeping pills. Fitbit says I slept longer…but believe me I felt worse when I got up in the morning. I went to bed earlier but my actual sleep was not very good at all. I got out of bed..sore, foggy-brained, and had the mental capacity of a toddler. Good thing it was a day off from work.

If I had to evaluate my sleep from just these 3 nights..I would reccomend to go to sleep around midnight (without a sleeping pill) and be satisfied with getting up around 5am. Now 5 hours isn’t enough for most people but I have told people for years that I get by on 4-5 hours of sleep and according to Fitbit that seems to be about right.

For most people getting to much sleep can be just as bad for your health as not getting enough. Most studies/articles that I read say adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If I personally sleep over 6 hours or even just lay in bed that long I wake up with a sore back. Besides having brain-fog, I am cranky from being stiff and sore.

As far as I remember I have never been diagnosed as having a sleep disorder by a doctor. I don’t have narcolepsy or sleep apnea. Once in a blue-moon, my legs will jerk enough to wake me up but that is rare. But if/whenever someone is sharing my bed and they decide to wake me..then I will have a hard time falling back asleep while they can instantly roll over and go right back to “la la land”. One thing I have noticed is when different roommates say that I snore alot or loudly..its when I took a few sleeping pills. Course they didn’t know that I took them so they never connected my snoring with the pills.

There have also been studies to show that people who don’t sleep enough gain to much weight. Do we actually need to waste money on a study to know that people don’t usually eat in their sleep? Over the years when I was a kid I could walk and talk in my sleep, but eating in my sleep, is a talent that I don’t think I mastered. So obviously if I could sleep the normal 8 hours a night..that’s 1/3 of my day not eating. My oldest granddaughter used to walk in her sleep and she has always been as thin as a “walking stick”.

So for now I mostly fall asleep on my own at whatever time I want. I usually save the sleeping pills for weekends when I don’t want to deal with roommates. I would rather work after 4-5 hours of sleep. Even managers and coworkers find me easier to be around after little sleep. Course nobody understands how I survive with so few hours, but it works for me.