Seeing as I was going into Pahrump to go shopping at Walmart, a friend/ coworker asked if I would send his mom money. Silly me, I assumed that it would be a simple task. Then he tells me that his mom has a cap on how much money that she is allowed to receive every month so he wanted me to send it to his sister instead. Ok, sounds fishy and illegal, but whatever.

OMG, when did sending money from Walmart get so damn complicated? My car hasn’t worked for about 8 months, so I don’t always carry my driver’s license around with me. Luckily I had it in my purse yesterday. Why do I need I.D. to “send” money is beyond me. I can understand needing I.D. to receive it, but to prove who sent it is ridiculous. Walmart also needed my phone number..hmm, I haven’t had a phone for 10 months so I had to give them the number for my work. I have no idea what they needed my number for. Damn Walmart, go back to your easy simple procedures for things like this. Then because his sister’s license is not from the state where Mom is living, I wasn’t exactly sure where to send it. I can remember when it didn’t matter what state the receiver was in as long as they had I.D. to prove who they were. Just my luck, Walmart blocks Facebook from working in the store so I couldn’t message her or my coworker to find out exactly where to send it. So I cancelled the first transaction…and had to walk over to Dennys and use their free wifi, and get the info that I needed.

While out walking around, I stopped in and got food at Panda Express. I was so stressed out that I forgot to get utensils. Hard to eat fried rice with your fingers. Chicken entrees was easier without utensils.

By the time I was all finished with sending money to his family, I was to stressed to shop. I did manage to remember to buy my pork rinds, guacamole, can tuna, dish soap and muffin pans. I plan on making cupcakes for the EDR on 4th of July. Our next group shopping trip will be July 6th, so that’s to late if you want something for the holiday.

Seeing as my shopping trip was a bust, I will be ordering coffee, olives and body wash/shower gel online. I forgot lemons and whole avocados but I haven’t found a company that will deliver those to Death Valley, so I will have to wait another 2 weeks for those.

I tried to do something nice for someone and it turns into a complicated mess. In the process I couldn’t do all of my own stuff. The highlight of my day was listening to Matt, all the way home. Matt works at the front desk of our hotel and kept coming up with hilarious stories.

That’s Matt sitting behind me on the way to Pahrump. Most of the people have a habit of sleeping when we go into Pahrump.