Well I have been at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley National Park, for a year now. WoW, that even surprises myself a little bit.

But I just found my recap of 2007 online…WoW, what a year! I had started the year in Florida and ended it in Arizona. It was the year I got started working in national parks. For many years since then, I had called Arizona home now I am beginning to really feel like Death Valley is home.


Finally got my christmas box from my mother
Got a new job in FL
Got offered a job at the Grand Canyon & called them to accept

Got tired of some doofus who thought he would be my bf & kept showing up at my door.
Got my bus ticket to travel out West & had to tell my boss I was leaving FL

Went to TX to see my son
Went up to CO to visit my brother for a week
Started new job at the Grand Canyon
Checked out the little village outside of the park
First roomie moved out, so I got a fun/cool roomie to move in

The fun/cool roomie’s daughter moved in~YUP 3 of us in 1 room.
Couple co-workers quit, so I washed dishes by myself for awhile
I went on the Watchtower tour
Started crocheting again

I flew across the canyon to Boulder City/Vegas
I saw my daughter & grandson for Mother’s Day
The Ecuador kids started going back home

I started my distant learning course
I started work as a prep cook
Met some great kids from Asia
My brother got married

I moved into Brenda’s room
Went on a few sight-seeing trips around Northern AZ, with friends
Bought my own computer
Got my hair cut

For some crazy reason I became a cashier


The korean kids went home~Damn I miss those kids

Brenda’s son came to visit
Volunteered to walk dogs at the kennel

My son moved to South Korea
Halloween~I worked but Brenda dressed as a witch & delivered me candy
geez I can’t think of anything else for October

Started work on the Polar Express Train
Met someone from the hippie site I go to~when he got a job here

Got to have a snowball fight at 2am
Got awesome pics of snow here
Yavapai Cafe closed for Winter (but will reopen for christmas week)
I got to wear a tuxedo to work the manager’s christmas party