Seeing as I have been having Friday and Saturday off from work, my work week starts on Sunday. So even though your calendar might say it’s the weekend..its my Monday. I still got out of bed before 6:00am even though I don’t go into work until 2:00pm.

I ordered a thermometer from Amazon, to hang outside my dorm. The first night I hung it outside it must have been windy because it blew off the wall and the edge broke (near the 120° mark). It still seems to work and the picture above was taken around 9:00am.

It will be interesting to see the temperatures go past the 120° mark. Last year in July it got to 130°. I guess while I was ordering that I forgot to actually select a thermometer that would have a high enough temperature gauge on it. I had looked at a few different ones but I liked the yellow birds, because they reminded me of some the was around my dorm a few months ago.

My friend, Marie, took those pictures of the yellow and black birds just before she left Death Valley in early April. I haven’t seen them around since then. I have to learn what times of year are the best times to see certain birds…along with the time of year to be on the lookout for our neighborhood kitfox. Right now, I seem to find lots of lizards, but they move to fast when I want a picture.

And just to keep myself accountable, I have lost a total of 6.6 pounds this month. Not a whole lot and I might have lost more but I will admit to cheating on my diet a little bit. But I have been pretty consistent…more then usual and thankful that the scale is moving in the right direction.