Our EDR was serving pizza, so I stayed home and tried something new. This was the 1st time that I have tried cauliflower rice. I was a little skeptical about the taste before I even bought it, but with enough cheese and avocado…anything taste good. I will be buying this again when I go shopping.

I don’t make a habit of posting my weight on my blog, but to keep myself accountable, here it goes… I am starting out July weighing 194.6#. I lost 8.4 pounds last month and want to see if I can do better this month. According to my new Fitbit I need to walk more, a whole lot more if I want to catch up to my daughter’s steps… I swear my kid must walk or run in her sleep. But who would want to walk in 115° ?

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day”