As you might have heard on the news, Ridgecrest California decided to shake up the holiday with a 6.4 earthquake. Biggest one in the area since October 1999. Some folks all the way over to Vegas felt the quake. Now Vegas is 2.5 hours Southeast of me and Ridgecrest is about 1.5 hours West of me. I have also seen it mentioned on Facebook that it was felt in Los Angeles. WoW I must really live in my own little world.

It was felt all around Death Valley..things got a little shaky in my gift shop but I have the day off. Even the water in our swimming pool got creative and made it’s own wave machine. Which freaked a few guests out and they all quickly left the pool area. As for me, I didn’t notice a thing…I was to busy making cupcakes for our EDR. I guess that’s what you really call “being in your happy place”. So busy and happily doing something for others, that you never even feel a 6.4 earthquake…I don’t have time for an earthquake, I had to get cupcakes done before lunch was over.

My oven doesn’t work, so I used the oven in the maintenance managers kitchen. Luckily he has ordered me a new stove that should be in about 2-3 weeks. My stovetop works fine just not the oven. I will be super happy when I can bake in my own kitchen. Oh well Fitbit says I walked more this morning than I usually do..running back and forth between my room and the manager room.

I didn’t even eat any of the cupcakes that I made..way to many carbs for me. The plate in the collage above with a burger and hot dog without any buns is mine.