We have now had an earthquake 2 days in a row. On the morning of 4th of July, we had one measured at 6.4 and then last night we got another measured at 7.1. Wonder if we will have strike 3 later today.

I never felt the first one, but I sure noticed the one last night. I was getting ready to do a pre-count of my cash drawer at work. I heard some keychains shaking/rattling, so I looked up because I thought that someone had walked into the gift shop without me noticing. Within seconds everything in the shop was swaying in the breeze. Then as I stood there watching, I felt the floor roll under my feet. For a minute I thought that I was back on the whale watch tour in AK. You know..that sea sick motion feeling. Luckily that did not last very long.

Those are 2 pictures from around Ridgecrest and/or Trona California. I had a guest come into the store late last night with pictures on his phone of a rock slide that he had gone through about 40 miles away, and I really wished that I had asked him to email me the pics, so I could share them here.

Nothing looked damaged in either the gift shop or the general store. But the computer and veeder reader for the gas station didn’t want to cooperate as normal.


On Facebook I have seen it posted that..”California is so expensive even the earth quakes are trying to move to Vegas”. Because Vegas felt both of our quakes.

Few of the employees that are here now, did not grow up anywhere near California, so experiencing their first earthquake was a bit scary for them. Personally I didn’t grow up anywhere near the West side of the country, but have learned to roll with whatever Mother Nature wants to give me. Just glad nothing was damaged in my gift shop and that my 2 coworkers were alright in the main store. I am sure that Kaylei will be up late telling her mom and her boyfriend all about her first earthquake.