The picture above was taken on Saturday on our way to Pahrump. The driver for the employee shuttle needed a pit-stop to check the tires. So I did my usual thing…,taking random shots of coworkers.

Frank (guy with hat) drove behind the shuttle in case anything happened with tires on the shuttle. So I rode to town with Frank.

Sunday (yesterday) I was hoping that my roomie was still going on a trip to the ocean that she had planned. Unfortunately she changed her mind and she stayed home for her weekend. Which means that all the re-organizing that I planned on doing just went out the window. I did manage to do a load of laundry this morning. Maybe she will go on her next weekend…except I won’t have another 3-day weekend then, to do everything that I wanted.

At the moment, I think my roomie fell asleep watching a marathon of old Star Trek shows. I never got hooked on that show but have seen a few before, but OMG today the show seems sooo corny and totally ridiculous. Sorry if any fan is reading this..I am not really a fan of most sci-fi stuff.

I was so bored of listening to the Sci-Fi nonsense that I walked down to EDR for dinner. We had pasta with meat sauce. I would have been better off with just the salad bar, but I gave in and had a little pasta.

Tomorrow the store will be opening early because we have a special ultra marathon in Death Valley going on. Toughest marathon ever..135 miles. I will be starting work at 4:00am. So I will be knocking my butt out to dream world soon. Hopefully I can get a story and a picture of some of the racers to post tomorrow.