A few evenings ago employees had an option of meat or veggie lasagna for dinner. Both were burnt! How they expected us to eat it was beyond me.

Luckily it happened while someone from the cooperate office was here and they were not impressed either, and got some pizzas going for whoever wanted them later. The cooperate guy told one of the managers that if the food isn’t good enough to serve to a paying guest in our restaurant than it should not be served in the EDR.

The sausage had a bit of a spicy kick to it. The tofu cooked with peppers, onions and mushrooms were ok but I probably would have liked them more if they weren’t cooked quite so long.

The 2 pictures above was from dinner last night. I had my dinner break around 5pm, so before I walked to the EDR, I was able to ask one of the hotel workers what we were having. He is not a fan of tofu but he loved the collard greens.

The crusted chicken was delicious and hope they serve it more often. The quinoa side dish and the cauliflower with onions all needed a bit of flavor. It was rather bland (but at least it wasn’t burnt and I could eat it.

I went to breakfast this morning around 7:00am and there must of been a mix up on the work schedule because the regular breakfast cook had the day off. So there was nothing on the steam table…no scrambled eggs, no bacon or sausage, no biscuits and gravy. Good thing I only wanted yogurt and english muffin today.

I haven’t bothered to go check out what was for lunch today. It’s my day off and so far I have stayed in my room eating a bagel with peanut butter and drinking a peach flavored Brisk ice tea. Neither of those are really on my low-carb diet. I will probably go see what’s in the EDR later for dinner..seeing as it’s a day off, then I will have time to leisurely grab a big salad if I don’t like the main meal.

There have been days this Summer, that if employees don’t like what’s being served in the EDR, then we go order a burger or buffalo wings in the restaurant.

I should also change clothes so I can go into our little gym after dinner tonight. I was shown the gym once for orientation (13 months ago) and have never stepped foot into it since then. But now that 2 of my daughters have a Fitbit and both walk more than I do everyday. Actually my oldest daughter averages about 18,000+ steps a day. My highest stepping day was yesterday with just a little over 12,000 steps. Obviously I need to get moving more.