Why is it that if we want to start something new, we “society or advertising” say that we will start on a Monday? Then you have other people who hate Mondays. I don’t understand people in either scenario. We got 7 days in a week and a Monday is as good as any other day, to me.

Actually my work schedule is all screwed up this week, so even though its Monday…its my Monday and my Fiday. Yup, I had yesterday off from work and I have tomorrow off. Hard to “live for the weekend” when your days off are split up. Weekends are usually just 2 days out of a 7-day week, so if you are “living” for 2 days then what are we doing on the other 5 days?

I was up before the sun this morning. Hopefully the construction crew will be finished with their work soon and their trailers and equipment will be moved out of my view.

Didn’t walk down to the EDR for breakfast, I decided to stay home and just have instant oatmeal around 7am. About 7:30, a neighbor knocked on the door because he locked himself out of his room. Luckily we share the kitchen and the door in the kitchen that opens into his room was left unlocked.

My roomie also has today off from work. She looks like she must be getting ready to go into town now. Monday is her usual day to do different errands in town. She never said a word as she went out the door. Good thing I don’t really need anything from town.

But it’s nice to have the room to myself for a few hours before work. I need to do my laundry and I should get back to my schoolwork. To be totally honest, I haven’t done much studying since I went on vacation almost 8 weeks ago. Monday (today) sounds like a good day to kick my butt..(and my brain) into gear again.

9:00am..someone set off the smoke alarm in my building. The noise even scared off the birds outside. They started frantically flying in one direction and then changing directions to go a different way. It was like they didn’t know where to go hide from the noise. One of my neighbors must have today off cuz she was still wearing her bathrobe when she stepped outside to check out the noise.