I spent most of my day off yesterday, reading. I still have a bunch of ebooks downloaded onto my tablet that I have not even started yet. The picture above is a screen shot of some of the latest ones that I have collected recently. I have around 780 total books on my tablet.

I could fill up my room dorm if they were all regular books that you hold in your hand and find in a library. Yes, old-fashioned libraries still exist and I still have a few library cards from different cities in my possession. I love libraries! Whenever I move to a new city I am on the lookout for a library soon after arriving in whatever city I am in. A few cities I have been in have more then one library…Vegas, Anchorage, Columbus, Louisville, Tampa and Phoenix.

With my lifestyle there is no way that I could carry around boxes of books all over the country. Besides keeping boxes of books in a small shared living space would drive me nuts. I would start thinking of the boxes as unnecessary clutter, and to much clutter can stress me out. I started telling people years ago that “I am allergic to stress”.

So ebooks are alot more practical for me. I can get lost in a story without the book getting lost in my room.

We also have books in our employee lounge…but they really need a new selection of reading material in there. I like a variety of reading genre..but most of the books in the employee lounge is boring to me.

Well I am running late and really need to get ready for work. One thing about ebooks is that I can read tonight after 10:30pm without turning on a overhead light in the room and waking my roommate up.