We are almost finished with July..usually known as the hottest month of the year. It has been cooler this year than it was last year (thank god) but it has warmed up a bit this last week.

This last week we have had some wind and sandstorms

Managers went out to close our pool as the sand came whipping through. Guests hurried inside my gift shop to wait out the storm. It’s not the first time I have seen this, but I always find it fascinating to watch.

The picture above is a sunset from last Tuesday up near Panamint Springs area (1/2 hour west of me). One of the employees there posted it on Facebook…which is how I got the photo. Panamint is only 1/2hour away but I still ain’t got to see that area yet.

Recently we have gotten invaded by grasshoppers. I have seen stories online about how the creatures are taken over Las Vegas also. It’s considered a normal thing after having a wet Winter & Spring. While supposedly they don’t bite or carry disease…they are still annoying at night when I sit outside and they jump onto my head/neck. The online news stories say to expect them to last another month.

Not much else going on around here at the moment: waiting for the new oven in my community kitchen, ordering stuff on Amazon…really need to start a budget and stick to it…LOL, a budget might prove as hard to stick to as a diet. If I want something I..buy it (or eat it). Ok, it’s a day off…back to my schoolwork.