I am making the decision that August will be better than July. I need to track more instead of just assuming that I will remember things at the end of a day or week…things like calories that I actually ate, or time that I spent walking / moving around instead of camping out on my bed playing candy crush.
I started getting serious about this new weightloss journey (again) in June and did ok for that month. Then the calendar changed to July and things went downhill…well the scale crept upwards, so I didn’t end up where I wanted to be at the end of July. But it’s not the end of the world..just means that I am taking an honest look at what I did with the results I got, and then re-evaluating how to improve.

Everyone has to learn to discipline themselves if they are determined to do anything new. Even the people who ran in our marathon earlier this month were not born runners. Nobody can go from stumbling around in diapers one day to racing across Death Valley the next day. It takes lots of determined practice and willpower. There can only be one official winner in that race, but I believe that every person who completed that 135- mile marathon is a winner.
Before I had gotten invited to a group challenge on fitbit earlier this week (7/29), I had been satisfied with just reaching my personal step goal. But the day of the challenge, I kept checking and comparing my steps to others in the challenge and it seemed to motivate me even more. I ended up winning the challenge with more steps than I had ever done in one day. In high school I hated competitive sports, in fact I usually avoid any competition. But maybe it’s exactly what I need. So I will be doing more of them in August.