I ended up having Tuesday night off from work. So I stayed home all day without going to the EDR. My roomie had gone into town with a friend on Monday and brought me back an avocado. So I wanted to eat it before it went to waste. They never last as long as I want them to,

That’s it, 3 of my favorite ingredients: avocado, tuna, and tomato. No salt or pepper, no salad dressing, no oil… just plain and simple. Clean Eating, Real food, and yummy…also low carb/ keto approved.

I should make a shopping list for the next time my roomie (or anyone else here) goes into town while I am working. I will soon need more tuna fish and I need more almond and/or coconut milk, and lemons. I like putting sliced lemons in my water bottle when I go into work.

Sometimes I will agree with people about it being hard to live without a Walmart or Trader Joe’s or even a farmer’s market close by. Just means that I have to be less scatterbrained and plan ahead. Luckily I can order the can tuna and alternative milks online from Walmart or Amazon, but neither company will ship fresh produce to Death Valley. I assume companies think produce wouldn’t be very fresh by the time I got it.

3 of my avocado products that I can order online. Yes I am obsessed with avocados.

I plugged those 3 ingredients into the food tracker of my Fitbit..of course no 2 trackers will calculate every food the same way. So if you use any other tracker (sparkpeople, carb king, fitness pal..etc) I can almost guarantee that you will get different results.