Let’s back up to yesterday:

Yesterday was a scheduled day off but I went into work for 4 hours 10am-2pm. The 4 hours of work helped with a Fitbit challenge for the day. Then I took a nap from around 4:30-6pm. When I woke up at 6pm, at first I wasn’t sure what day it was.

So falling asleep after 1:30am; isn’t all that unusual for me. But last night as usual, my roomie fell asleep with her television on. Which drives me up the damn wall, especially when I am stuck listening to shows that I don’t even like. Last night CONAN was on repeat ..when the exact same stupid episode started for the second time this morning, I grabbed my sheet and went to sleep in the employee lounge. Which was fine until other employees started coming in after 5am.

I am ready for sleep tonight. I already have set out earplugs, eye blinders, night time PM pills and nyquil if needed. I don’t use them every night (or even every week) but I ain’t having a repeat of last night.

My roomie works from 6-10am and then goes back to work 3-7pm. She comes home at 10 and usually before noon, she is taking a nap. Yes with the television on..it’s after noon as I am typing this and her television is left on the history channel.

If I am the only person awake to listen to the television; at least turn the channel to something I want to listen to.

Well I need to get ready for work. Good thing because I have not been walking/stepping much this morning and I need to catch up to people in my “Work Week Hustle” challenge with Fitbit.