That thermometer shot was from a few days ago. It’s the thermometer right above the door at our general store. have actually seen it get to 120-122° during mid- afternoon this week, and it’s not in direct sunlight. Hard to see it in the picture below.

Well to start my weekend, I still got up at 6am. Took a few empty amazon boxes out to the recycling bin before I had coffee, an apple danish and yogurt. Yeah probably not the best breakfast.

I got 3 whole days of free time to fill up…hmm, what to do? Seeing as my roomie also has most of today off work (besides driving the shuttle to Beatty to pick up employees that live there) I won’t be doing much of anything.

TO DO LIST: today

1. Got a yoga magazine and a women’s health magazine in the mail this week that I haven’t read yet.

2. I recieved season 1 & 2 of an old television show “Mama’s Family” from Amazon. Yes I love old sitcoms from the 70’s and 80’s. I can watch it on my portable DVD player.

3. Laundry as usual…I have to many clothes! Time to weed out my closet. I can do laundry today but downsizing closet will wait until tomorrow when roomie is gone to town to get her jeep fixed.

EDIT: Roomie is watching “Hoarders” on her television. So taking a break to watch it with her. EDIT: Ha, my roomie fell asleep but at least her television is on something that I don’t mind listening to. Some of the families are super extreme on that show. My closet isn’t so bad that it would make it onto that show, but definitely enough to drive me crazy. WoW what a show to inspire me to tackle my closet(s)..yes 1 in the dorm room and 1 in the community kitchen.

Luckily no Fitbit challenges with anyone, so I can be lazy and not stress out about steps.

This last picture was taken last Monday. I went into the store on my day off to pick up one of my Amazon boxes. The store was busy with only 1 cashier, so I ended up jumping on the other register for about 10-15 minutes to help with a line of customers. Our international employee, will be going back home to Ecuador on September 1st. She is a great worker and will be missed.

I rearranged some new displays in the little gift shop across the street yesterday, but didn’t take any pictures…yeah big surprise, as I will usually take the most random pictures of anything.