Yes Autumn is just around the corner and pumpkins are coming. I love pie or decorating the front lawn. Anyways I can’t wait to try the new pumpkin flavored yogurt that I found yesterday. Well I finally tried it…and not enough pumpkin flavor, so not worth the price. I won’t be buying this flavor again.

I had gotten the riced cauliflower medley before and surprisingly liked it. So this week I got the cauliflower herb medley and also the riced cauliflower & sweet potato.

I love trying new ways to eat veggies. Didn’t get the veggie tots and now wish I had. Seeing as they are a frozen food item I can’t order them online to have them delivered to me.

A friend got me into eating these a few years ago, when I worked for the other company in Death Valley. I haven’t had them in over 2 years. I bought 2 different flavors this week.

I love Sargento cheese sticks. It’s one of the few items where I will only buy a certain brand no matter what the price. But would you believe I picked up the cheese sticks but I forgot to grab sliced cheese or shredded cheese. I will settle for cheaper cheese when its shredded.

The other food item, where I only buy a certain brand is tuna fish. Its gotta be BUMBLEBEE: Albacore tuna in water. I didn’t get a picture of tuna prices though.

I went to Subway inside Walmart for lunch. They were advertising a new sandwich, so I got chicken pesto. But I got only a little pesto and added garlic sauce. It was pretty good. Subway also had a new drink..Lavender Mint Lemonade. It was good on that hot day.