My roommate left a week ago..went home to take care of a sick granddaughter in northeast Texas. After cramming stuff into her jeep, she had to leave a bunch of stuff here. She said that she would be back when her 23 year granddaughter was better..but that could be anywhere from 2 weeks – up to- 6 months from now.

Funny how we watched the show Hoarders a few days before she left, and her closets looked like something that could be on the show. She was disappointed that more stuff wouldn’t fit in her jeep.

Earlier this week, I watched a YouTube video that a friend’s kid made about minimalism. She was cleaning out her closet. So I decided to clean out my closet today.

I left some shirts that I don’t wear in the employee lounge..figured maybe someone else will want them.

Now if I do my laundry once a week, then I have enough laundry detergent to last 2 years. Yes..2 whole years. Why so much? Well whenever I go to town on employee shopping trips I end up getting bored walking around a store and end up buying things “just in case” I need them later. I also found way to many pairs of socks and underwear in the pink drawers. I had enough so that I could have changed twice a day for a month and never worn the same pair twice. I guess socks and underwear were more items I also bought while wandering around a store waiting for other employees to finish shopping, on our group trips.

Anyways the pink drawer unit that my roommate left me has 3 drawers. Top: socks and underwear, Middle: 3 swimsuits…I have never used our pool, Bottom: leggings and pj bottoms.

I am sure that whenever I get around to cleaning out my car, that I will find more clothes. But seeing as today is my day off, I should go do laundry. Who knows maybe I will even start reading one of the many books in my closet.