So many people always claim that they will never forget where they were and what they were doing when the news shows took over our television sets.

Well I was living in Kingman Arizona, worked a graveyard shift job at the hospital. I had gotten home to save the delivered newspaper from our 2 dogs. Not sure if my ex or our sons turned on the television that morning.

In August of 2001, I took my 2 youngest children on a greyhound bus trip to visit family in NH. Coming back home to AZ, we had to change buses in NY. They were probably to little to remember that trip. But they did get to have a glance of the twin towers from the bus window, a couple weeks before they collapsed to the ground.

Yes, I wish every day could be more like 9/12.

18 years later, I don’t have a television. I get enough crappy news stories from friends that post them on Facebook. My main concerns this year are rather selfish and seem so trivial now.

Next year on 9/12/2020, my youngest son will be getting married. I think it’s super cool that they chose to get married on the day that (in modern times) we were probably the most accepting of each other. The day we were thanking our lucky stars to still be alive. The day we would all come together and help our neighbors without expecting anything in return. My son didn’t have the best childhood, but nice to know that life and love are still important to him.