I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy back in 2013. I was NOT diagnosed as diabetic, even though diabetes runs in the family. While pregnant in 1991 (a son was born in March 1992) I was told that I was PRE-diabetic.
Anyways, this last week, my right foot and knee have been giving me problems. Seeing as I am standing on my feet for work, it has not been pleasant. So yesterday morning I made sure to get ready for work early and take care of my feet before clocking in.

I have read that vitamin B-Complex is good for the nerves along with a bunch of other things. I take the potassium and magnesium pills to help prevent waking up with leg cramps.
I swear that bath salts are a gift from God..I also have Dr Teal’s bath salts with lavender.
Living in such a hot, dry place I really need to use lotion and moisturizer more often. My feet and lower part of my legs look all scaly like a lizard. Yesterday I slathered the lidocaine cream all over my knee (as if it was lotion) before walking down to work and my knee gave me no problem all night.

These are the shoes that I wear the most..because they are comfortable and easy to slip on. I really need to get a new pair. They started wearing out at the bottom of my heel area soon after I got them almost a year ago. The left shoe is wearing out faster, but it’s the right foot and knee that hurts…strange. If I remember it I will look for new shoes the next time I go into Pahrump.

When I am home I hate wearing shoes. Supposedly doctors tell you not to go barefoot if you’re diabetic or just have neuropathy. But there have been times at work that if my feet hurt then I kick my shoes off and walk around the store in my socks. No matter what any doc says, my feet feel better out of shoes. I am not the type of person to suffer for fashion either..you couldn’t pay me to wear high heels. I also have scoliosis so I gave up high heels by the time I was 20.

I have been in a work warrior challenge this week on Fitbit, but because of feeling sore and extra tired, I have not done very well in this challenge. When looking at everyone else’s step numbers I feel quite lazy but refuse to stress over the fact that I am at the bottom of the race.