I remembered to get cheese yesterday. It’s one of those items that I hate running out of. I bought the Kraft Mexican shredded cheese and Sargento sliced cheese (already had Sargento cheese sticks at home).

Why do blueberries cost so darn much? Well no matter what the price I got a container so I can have blueberries in my oatmeal.

While walking around the store I went near the pharmacy area and decided to use the self-serve blood pressure machine. I did it twice (couple hours apart). The first time was soon after arriving and got what was probably my highest reading ever. After shopping and walking across the parking lot to go buy lunch, I came back and tried the machine again, and my blood pressure was still elevated.

Somehow Fitbit thinks I walked 13 floors yesterday…just from walking around a store.

I liked my fortune that I got with my lunch. Seems like it had been a few months since I had eaten here.

Only 3 of us went into Pahrump: Samantha and I went shopping and the driver went around town doing errands for his boss. So even though I was done shopping within an hour, I had to wait around another 3 hours. On the way home, Samantha got Mexican food to take home. We both had to go into work when we got back.

I ended up tearing my room apart looking for my debit card to use for this trip, then when I got home I left all the shopping bags in the middle of my room when I rushed off to work. So today I need to clean my room.