I was able to find a couple of my pictures from April 2016, that I had when I went through Armagosa Valley in Nevada. Its probably almost an hour away from Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley, if you go up through Beatty to get there.

It’s a nice little pit-stop in the middle of the desert. The gas station has a fun gift shop with “aliens” on everything imaginable. I assume it will be super busy there today. Who would have thought that such a crazy idea that got started on Facebook would be so outta-control? Two guys from the Netherlands were already arrested a week or two ago.

I had sorta forgot what day this silly event was happening, until I had to customers from Germany come into my gift shop yesterday. They bought the shirts in Baker California and said they don’t plan on going to Area 51. They were heading to Vegas, so I did show them on a map where to find the “alien” gas station.

At one time there was an inconspicuous hill about 12 miles from Area 51 (at the military base, not the tourist attraction in Armagosa Valley) where the public could get a fairly good view of the activities of the base. But soon the security perimeter was expanded to include the hill, and a fence cut off access to the mound. Now the closest observation point is Tikaboo Peak, at more than 7,000 feet in height it gives the best public view of Area 51 but is 25 miles away.

Yesterday the weather actually got chilly, well as chilly as it can get in Death Valley in September. Before dinner time, the wind started whipping sand all around. I started making wise-cracks to other employees that it was all caused by the alien spaceships. I am hoping that all this “Alien” stuff makes for an interesting day at work.

Maybe because I have already been on a few military bases, when I went to visit a brother and 2 sons in the past..but I wouldn’t dream of trying to raid this one. If it had been possible to sit at the gas station today, just to watch all the “space invaders” runing around..now that might have been fun. But I guess I will be stuck reading stories online about it after work tonight.