Recently I bought a new mini-cycler from Amazon…

It can actually be used to exercise your legs or arms. But if you are just interested in leg exercises, just beware that if you are only pedaling with your legs then it won’t count on your Fitbit. Now if you rest your hands on your thighs, then Fitbit will count it as steps, because your hand will move up & down with your thigh. If you wear the Fitbit on your wrist then you NEED arm movements in order for Fitbit to count it. If you are in a store shopping, then don’t grip the shopping cart (buggy) with the hand that you wear the Fitbit on. No matter how many miles you walk around a store/mall, the steps counted won’t change.

For anyone reading this that is new to the Fitbit world, then try this…

Check step count on Fitbit
Hug yourself across your stomach (hold arms there)
Walk around house or to end of driveway and back
Check step count on Fitbit again
Was there any difference?
I bet there was no steps added to your Fitbit count. Now do the same walk but this time pump your arms back and forth. I will bet that your Fitbit will add steps for this then. So how can the Fitbit company claim to help us count our steps, when in reality it’s really counting the movement of our arms/ wrists. Wonder how many people will get carpal tunnel from winning Fitbit challenges just by moving their wrists/arms around..oh heck, even someone in a wheelchair can add steps onto a Fitbit counter.

If humans are born to walk upright on their feet then why wear any type of step counter on our wrist? I am sure that I can’t walk on my hands. Unfortunately my Fitbit came with a small band and a larger extension but the large still isn’t long enough to go around my ankle. Guess I need to go back to Amazon to see if I can find an extra-large.