I ain’t complaining about the weather..just the icky sick feeling I get about every 6 months when it changes from hot-to-cold and again from cold-to-hot. It whacks my body out of kilter.

Years ago, it never effected me because I took plenty of vitamin “C” and consistently swallowed a spoonful of cod liver oil every morning during the Fall and Winter season. So while my family and neighbors all got sick, I never did.

I think the last time I had a flu shot was around 2003. Even though I am feeling sick this week, I am not sorry that I didn’t get one this year. I can survive my days with a cough and runny nose. Mucinex and Nyquil help me survive the nights. I guess this is my consequence for not keeping up with the cod liver oil for a few to many years. But the next time I get to town I will look for some.

Now why don’t I just go get a flu shot like most other people? Well for one, this years shot is made to stop whatever virus was around last year. Well what good is that if new viruses come out every year? Ok, fine I wouldn’t have to worry about getting last years virus, this year. But how would that help with this years virus…oh yeah, they will make a shot to combat that and give it to us next year. You don’t agree…well how many different viruses are there during the cold/flu season? Every year the Centers for Disease Control make an educated guess as to what they think will be the most common three to four strains of the flu to strike that season. The vaccine for that season is effective against the strains they picked. They don’t always pick right, and even if they do, we can still get a different strain.

No thanks, I no longer work in hospitals or nursing homes so I no longer feel a need to have a bunch of shots…I will go back to extra Vitamin “C” and cod liver oil and zinc tablets. For me, those 3 things work every year for every cold/flu virus.

Now excuse me, while I go soak in a tub with Epsom salts and then have some soup and lemon ginger tea for lunch. EDIT: There was an issue at work, so I went down to the gift shop to see what was going on. Was only there about 10 minutes, but realized it was lunchtime in the EDR, so I went in for BBQ chicken and coleslaw. Then came home for a nap. Staying home for dinner of soup and tea.