The graphs above was how I slept last night till this morning (according to Fitbit). It got divided up because I woke up for the usual bathroom visit and stayed awake for about 1.5 hours. Seeing as today is my day off, I took more Mucinex and went back to sleep for awhile. So I could tell anyone that I went to bed at about 11pm and got up after 10am. Most people would probably think 11 hours of sleep, nope not me.

After waking up for another bathroom run after 10am, I stayed up…hey at least I ain’t dehydrated. Soup, tea, water, and V-8 is making sure of that. I can remember visiting one of my sons in the hospital when he was in high school, for dehydration. He hardly ever got sick while growing up but when he did, he wasn’t a pleasant patient. I ain’t got time to deal with that myself.

This morning I went shopping on Amazon because I have no idea when I will get to town again. I am not sure if I have ever tried the pill form of cod liver oil, but hopefully it will work as good as the liquid syrup I took so many years ago. The lemon juice is mainly to mix in water with apple cider vinegar.

I skipped going to the EDR since lunchtime yesterday. Debating if I want to go raid the salad bar for dinner tonight. Will probably just stay home and have a package of frozen broccoli with cheese sauce with a can of tuna fish instead.

I gave up exciting wild weekends a long time ago, tonight I will be putting away the laundry that I washed yesterday before lunch, and then reading. Someone on Instagram mentioned a book called: “Fat Girl On a Plane”,

So I found the kindle version and just started that.