I have seen on Facebook and different news channel websites, quite a few stories about the job market around the USA.

Now I don’t remember tons of history, and I don’t have a stack of statistics piled on my desk. But I saw this statement from our Prez on Twitter yesterday.


Unemployment Rate just dropped to 3.5%, the lowest in more that 50 years. Is that an impeachable event for your President?


That link shows the unemployment rate from 2008- September 2019. October 2019 won’t be listed until the 2nd week of November.

Now I have never trusted any percentage statement about a group..when I have never personally been asked to be counted for, in any type of national employment survey. If anyone reading this happens to be unemployed…has the news people been knocking on your door to make sure that you are included in their statistics?


Did Donald Trump go to every homeless area in the country? I doubt it. Before I came to Death Valley, last year, I was staying in a homeless shelter in Maine. I was only there for less then 2 weeks (and didn’t work for almost a month).

The year before that I was living in my car in Georgia. Yes as an unemployed homeless person, I can get around pretty good. Actually I travel more when I am unemployed than I do when I have a job. When you are unemployed (and have money saved from a previous job), then you make your own travel schedule within asking for a boss’s permission for a vacation. Anyways I lived in my car for about 7 months.

Maybe because I haven’t owned a television for a long while and I have lived in somewhat secluded areas without thick city newspapers, but I am really at a loss trying to understand why people think the job market (good and bad) has anything to do with the president. When we find jobs that we want, we don’t send our resumes and applications to the White House. Whoever is president will not be our hiring manager.

If you look on indeed, monster jobs, career builder, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn I promise that you won’t get an acceptance letter from Trump for your new job. Most towns/city newspapers have a section for jobs…I have been all over this country and had no problem finding some type of job. Finding any job really isn’t the problem. Finding a job that you like and will also pay all the bill’s for things that you want is the problem. Of course, over the years I had to learn not to be so picky about what job I took. Right now, I am lucky enough to actually like my job. But if anything happened where I needed to change locations, I know how to apply to temp agencies, I know how to find the local Department of Economic Services and sign up for job hunting in that area. I have heard from co-workers about jobs that they refuse to do because some jobs are just “beneath their standards”. That is all crazy to me…being independent and paying rent and making sure that they have food to eat should not be beneath anyone.

I am pretty sure that the president isn’t going to hand-deliver us food every week. So if we want to eat, then we might as well learn that there is nothing wrong with being a dishwasher, ditch digger, janitor or any other job that people think they are to good for. Oh, are you going to tell me that you have experience and a College degree…ok maybe you can be moved up to Lead Dishwasher or Ditch Digger Supervisor.

I will say again..nowhere in this country is finding a job the problem. The problem is most people think they are to good for the jobs or they want to live like the “rich and famous” and they can’t afford it with the job they got.